‘Angarsk Maniac’

Russia's Biggest Serial Killer Wants Parole To Fight In Ukraine
Serial killer Mikhail Popkov sits inside a defendants' cage during a court hearing in Irkutsk on December 10, 2018. - A Siberian policeman who raped and killed women after offering them late-night rides was found guilty of dozens more murders on December 10, 2018, making him Russia's most prolific serial killer of recent times. A court in the city of Irkutsk found Mikhail Popkov guilty of 56 murders between 1992 and 2007, sentencing him to a second life term. He was already in prison after being convicted of killing 22 women in 2015. (Photo by Anton KLIMOV / AFP) (Photo by ANTON KLIMOV/AFP via Getty Images)

At a glance

  • Mikhail Popkov, a 58-year-old former police officer, was sentenced in 2018 to life in prison for raping and killed dozens of women.
  • Popkov is known as “the Angarsk maniac” and is responsible for the murder of 83 women, using hammers, axes and other tools such as screwdrivers.
  • He now hopes he to regain his freedom by enlisting in the Russia army, according to European media reports.

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