100 MORE Migrants Land In Florida Keys

MAYAGUEZ, PUERTO RICO - APRIL 24:  Supervisory U.S. Border Patrol agent Xavier Morales scans the horizon as he rides in the patrol boat April 24, 2004 near Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. A record number of migrants from the Dominican Republic are trying to illegally enter the United States through Puerto Rico. The total number of unlawful migrants attempting to enter Puerto Rico during the 2004 fiscal year is 5,756 as apposed to a total of 3, 477 for all of the 2003 fiscal year. Due to a sagging economy, rising cost of living and high unemployment people are fleeing the Dominican Republic in search of a better life.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

At a glance

  • More than 100 Haitians landed Tuesday in a gated community in Key Largo, the latest boatload of refugees from the Caribbean to hit Florida’s shores.
  • The boat came from La Tortue, the island off the northwest coast of Haiti, a migrant told the Miami Herald before being whisked away by a federal agent.
  • Another migrant, 27-year-old Osli Cheriscar, told the Herald that the boat loaded in Môle-Saint-Nicolas, and they left on Friday.

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